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At Benjamin Chiropractic we recognize that your choice of physician is driven both by the doctor's competency and personality. With chiropractic problems, you need a chiropractor who is experienced, understanding and supportive. You get this caring attitude from all the staff at Benjamin Chiropractic every day. Our staff works together as a team to be sure we are responsive to your needs and keep you informed about your health issues. We look forward to getting to know you.

Adam Benjamin, DC

Dr. Adam Benjamin earned his chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California. He graduated cum laude in 1996. His chiropractic studies began at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Undergraduate studies were focused in Biological Sciences at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Dr. Benjamin is also a two time graduate of the Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology program given by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.  

He is certified in Active Release Technique and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  Combining the SFMA with ART and chiropractic adjustments has helped make him one of the most effective and efficient practitioners in the region. 

In his free time, Dr. Benjamin loves hiking local trails with his wife, Sue, and two dogs, Reuben and Crosby.

He also enjoys live music, travelling, gardening, and swimming.  Dr. Benjamin has lived in Oakland for 23 years.

Our Staff:


Chantelle Lorenz - Massage Therapist / Chiropractic Assistant

Chantelle started her formal training of massage therapy in 1997 at Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork and has continued her education at McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA.  Being the youngest in a family of 10 children, Chantelle inherently learned the value of touch.  She has come to understand how touch gets peoples attention, cultivates a present moment awareness, and helps one be in their body.  Growing up an athlete, dancer, and tumbler, and coming from a family of such, Chantelle has developed a sense of kinestetic wisdom through movement.  She loves working with the body - our vehicle for expression.  Valuing a holistic approach and working with the therapeutic effects of massage therapy has been a natural and validating path for her.  Chantelle customizes the sessions to meet her client’s needs – whether you want to experience deep relaxation or want site-specific release in knotted and pained areas.  


Azucena Carrillo - Chiropractic Assistant